Connecting Space to Village:
Geospatial information for improved environmental decision-making in the Amazon

SERVIR-Amazonia is the newest hub within the SERVIR initiative. Funded by USAID and with science and technology support from NASA, SERVIR-Amazonia is implemented by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and a network of local and international partners serving the Amazon region, mainly the Spatial Informatics Group (SIG), Conservación Amazónica (ACCA), and  the Institute for Forest and Agriculture Management and Certification (IMAFLORA) . Learn more


SERVIR Amazonia SERVIR is a collaborative venture among the NASA Earth Science Division Applied Sciences Program, USAID, and worldwide partner institutions.

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The people of SERVIR-Amazonia aim to improve local capacity to harness satellite data and geospatial information and foster sustainable natural resource management throughout the Amazon.


Service Areas

SERVIR-Amazonia works in four service areas empowering actors across the region to track and understand environmental changes in near real-time, evaluate climatic threats, and rapidly respond to natural disasters.


Drought and Fire Risk


Water Resource Management and Hydro-Climatic Disasters


Weather and Climate


Ecosystem Management

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